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Before You Come

Singapore welcomes visitors from all over the world but follow these steps before you embarked on a trip to the little red dot in Southeast Asia.

Step 1: Check VISA Status

Singapore is one of the most welcoming country in the world but it still requires travellers from some countries to have VISA.

Click here to see if you require any visas.

Medical Tablet
Medical Tablet

Step 2: Declare Health Status

Three (3) Days or 72 hours before entering Singapore, you will need to declare your health status online via the SG ARRIVAL CARD.

Do note that there are websites that are charging for this service which is entirely free of charges.

Click here to submit the health declaration.

If you are on medical prescription drugs, do check with the Ministry of Health before bringing them into Singapore. Click here.

Mobile Phone

Step 3: Remain Connected

While Wi-Fi is everywhere, getting information while exploring Singapore is better served when you have a proper internet connection for your mobile devices.

Do check with your telco or search for a prepaid travel SIM card like AirSIM (Hong Kong).

Mobile Phone
Image by Jason Leung

Step 4: Change Your Money

SIngapore is very connected when paying for products and services. Our public transport can be paid using overseas Debit and Credit card so long you have the PayWave feature switched on.

Then again, to keep costs low some businesses prefer cash over payment using credit card. This is important when dining at Hawker Centers.

Read more on where to change your home currencies here.

Mobile Phone

Step 3: Download Useful Apps + Sites

Once you can get connected, head on to the various app stores and websites to download and bookmark.

Click on this link to know what apps or sites to use.

Mobile Phone
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