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Useful Apps/Sites

Singapore is a well connected country with some citizens owning more than 2 phones to play their Pokemon, Work and Personl. Singaporeans are well served with these apps and will be useful for any visitors.

Curated by Valie Cai

Image by Roberto Nickson

1. Singapore Maps

"Singapore Maps" is created by Street Directory Pte Ltd. We used to have a thick book of this in our vehicles before the internet arrived. What sets it apart from Google Maps is its ability to pinpoint the exact location of the building you want to go to (such as a single shophouse within a row of shophouses), as well as showing the location of the MRT entrances and bus timings. This map is very useful for people who walk a lot.


2. (

Enter any location, and the website will provide you with directions on how to get there using different modes of transportation, along with the estimated cost and travel duration.

3. (

Not sure if it will rain later? This website provides real-time updates every 5 minutes about the areas experiencing rain in Singapore. Use the scroll bar to predict the areas the rain clouds will move to and where the rain will hit next.


4. MRT map

Save a copy of the map on your phone so you can plan the best MRT route to reach your destination. The link will help you download a PDF document on the Singapore MRT Map.

5. Grab/Zig/Gojek/Ryde

These are private hire car and taxi apps. Be cautious of price surges during peak periods. Sometimes, it's a good idea to request a ride on multiple apps simultaneously if you are unable to book a ride using a single app.


6. Chope

Make reservations at the restaurants you want to dine at using this app. With a listing of more than 3500 restaurants and their opening hours, Chope makes it convenient to secure your dining arrangements.

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