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The singapore skyline with Marina Bay Sand's ArtScience museum lotus roof


Wanderful Singapore is the brainchild of Wilson Wong of WilzWorkz who is also the administrator for the
Facebook group "VisitSingapore" (

The website comes about as a way to help visitors to look through information about visiting Singapore in an organised manner. From preparing to suggested itineraries; knowing where to stay and where and what to eat (Singapore is famous for the amount of food you can eat here).

You are welcome to join us inside Facebook and get direct help from members who are also recipients of good help.

The Creator

Wilson Wong Profile photo

Wilson Wong U. S.

Wilson was involved in startups and has merged his love for travel and imaging has lead him to be a reviewer, a trainer, a lecturer, tour leader and social media community manager with over a decade of experience.


If there is any enquiries that is not answered by the websites of hotels and attractions, we will try to help. You can also subscribe to news about discounts too!

Thanks for submitting!

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