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Where to Stay?

Singapore has a myriad of hotels as they cater to everyone with differing budgets and needs. To ask this question about accommodation will have different answers. Do read more below on where to find your ideal hot on the little red dot.

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A lot of people will ask which is the best hotel but everyone has a different agenda when visiting Singapore (see point 4).

To help everyone, please follow the steps below:


1. Go to hotel website (Agoda, Expedia, tripadvisor, and have a look at the offerings on the date of your travel. Look at the reviews too.


2. Look at properties that are within your budget.

3. Look for the nearest MRT station of the hotels you are interested in. You can read this blog post that tells you what hotels are located in popular areas in Singapore.

4. Look for the MRT station that matches what you want to do in Singapore. Listed below are the main areas you should know about.

5. Once you match up the hotel, the budget, and the MRT Station that is close to what you want to do in SG, do read the reviews in the tripadvisor and hotel websites (again). Those reviews will give you an idea if the hotel is good or not. Aim for those hotels which has more than 200 reviewers that gives it 4 stars and above.

6. If you do have questions, send an email out to them via the official websites (not the booking sites). They will have the most up to date information and quote to help with your decision making.

7. Only when the reviews are not enough or not clear, the hotels don't give you an answer (major red flag) then ask questions in the VisitSingapore Facebook Group for help.

NOTE: AirBnB is ILLEGAL for residential properties in SG.

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Main Areas for Hotels

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