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Personal Mobility Devices
Rental Services

Explore Singapore's vibrant streets with ease and convenience using personal mobility devices tailored for tourists. From electric scooters to compact foldable bikes, these versatile companions offer the perfect way to navigate the city's bustling attractions, scenic waterfronts, and cultural hotspots. Glide effortlessly through iconic landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay, soaking in the sights and sounds of this dynamic metropolis.


Whether you're embarking on a foodie adventure in Chinatown or exploring the lush greenery of Sentosa Island, these mobility devices are your key to unlocking an unforgettable exploration of Singapore's diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

Here are the list of PMDs you can rent during your visit in Singapore. The prices are indicated as daily rate and there is a one-time charge of $80 to deliver and collect the PMD from your hotels or service apartments. Members Benefit

If you rent the PMDs for 4-5 days, the deliver
y charge will be $70.

It will be further reduced to $60 if the rental is 6 days or more.

All prices in Singapore Dollars unless otherwise stated

How to Rent A PMD and Get Discounts


STEP 1: Send an Email Request here

STEP 2: An email will be sent with a payment link

STEP 3: Payment Confirmation and Details will be emailed to you.

STEP 4: The PMD will be delivered to you at the hotel and make arrangements to return it to Agis Singapore.

Disclaimer: will earn commission from these rentals
Terms and Conditions:

Do note that the rental agreement will be between Agis Medical and the hirer. and its associates - administrator, moderator and members - are not involved and is not liable in any form when renting through this arrangement as listed in this website.

CF-1 motorised wheelchair


Weight: 19KG
Max Capacity: 120KG
Seat Width: 16" (18" clearance)
Range: 15KM
Foldable: Yes

From S$30 per day

Delivery/Return (one time): S$80

S19 Rental scooter.webp

S19 Brio

Weigh: 27KG
Max Capacity: 115KG
Range: 15KM
Foldable: Yes

From S$35

Delivery/Return (one time): S$80

WS-18 motorised wheelchair


Weigh: 29KG

Max Capacity: 140KG

Range: 18KM

Foldable: Yes

From S$35
Delivery/Return (one time): S$80

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