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Little India

Little India is a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood in Singapore that offers a colorful tapestry of Indian heritage, cuisine, traditions, and activities. It's a lively and bustling area where visitors can immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and flavors of India without leaving the city.

Image by Jeyakumaran Mayooresan

Little India is a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood in Singapore, known for its colorful streets, bustling markets, and diverse culinary scene. It offers a unique blend of heritage, history, and modern urban living. When looking for places to stay in Little India, you have a range of options to choose from, including boutique hotels, budget accommodations, and hostels.


Here are some areas and accommodations to consider:

  1. Hotels in Little India:

    • The Great Madras: A stylish and colorful boutique hotel that captures the essence of Little India's vibrant atmosphere.

    • Perak Hotel: A budget-friendly option with a convenient location, providing simple and comfortable accommodations.

    • Hotel 81 - Dickson: Offers affordable rooms and easy access to Little India's attractions and public transportation.

  2. Kampong Glam Area: While not exactly in Little India, the nearby Kampong Glam neighborhood offers a unique cultural experience with its Arab and Malay influences. It's within walking distance and has a range of accommodations, including boutique hotels and hostels.

  3. Jalan Besar Area: Jalan Besar is another neighboring district that's close to Little India and offers a mix of accommodations, from budget hostels to boutique hotels.

  4. Hostels and Guesthouses: Little India has a variety of hostels and guesthouses that provide budget-friendly options for travelers looking for a comfortable place to stay. These accommodations often cater to backpackers and young travelers.

  5. One Farrer Hotel: Located right next to Farrer Park MRT Station, this luxury hotel offers stylish rooms, a range of dining options, and a rooftop pool.

  6. Park Hotel Farrer Park: Directly connected to Farrer Park MRT Station, this modern hotel provides comfortable accommodations and easy access to Little India's attractions.

  7. The Vagabond Club: A boutique luxury hotel with a creative and artistic design, offering a unique and immersive stay experience.

  8. Aqueen Hotel Lavender: While not right at Farrer Park MRT Station, it's within walking distance and provides affordable accommodations with modern amenities.

  9. Mercure Singapore On Stevens: Located a bit further from Farrer Park, this hotel offers comfortable rooms, a pool, and a range of dining options.

  10. Ramada by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park: A short distance away, this hotel offers contemporary accommodations and easy access to the Balestier area.

  11. Arcadia Hotel: Situated near Farrer Park, this boutique hotel provides a cozy and comfortable stay experience.

  12. ABC Premium Hostel: For budget travelers, this hostel offers affordable accommodations and is located within walking distance of Farrer Park MRT Station.

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