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The EZ-Link Card

EZ-Link is a contactless smart card system used for making electronic payments in Singapore especially for public transportation. It was introduced in 2002 and is managed by EZ-Link Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore. If you have been to Hong Kong or Japan, it is similar to the Octopus or the Suica cards in the respective MRT systems.

While most tourist will find it more useful just using Google Pay, Apple Pay or any credit or debit cards with PayWave features, travellers with family and friends that do not own credit or debit card will have to use the transportation system using additional EZ-Link Cards.


Even though the EZ-Link company sells Singapore Tourist Cards, it may be not as economical if you only do 2-3 trips per day.

The EZ-Link Card is the option if you are staying longer in Singapore and/or having to buy more cards.


How do the EZ-Link cards work?

Each card must record your entry and exit information to calculate the fare charged to the user's card. That means if you use the credit card for entry and then pass the card over the gantry for a second scan to enter, it will not work.

The solution is to buy another EZ-Link card or set up another debit card at home to be used just for overseas purchases (put enough money in the linked account for the trip).

Where to get the Cards?

For most visitors, the easiest way to get the Ez-Link card is from the airport. You can buy them at Changi Recommends stores at the arrival halls of all 4 terminals in Changi. You can get directions from the information counter or panels or click the link above.

After checking into your hotel, the second option is to get them at the Changi MRT station's Passenger Service Centre or any Transit Link Ticket Offices.

The third option is to buy at Cheers and 7-Eleven convenience stalls.

When you buy a card at S$10, S$5 is for the card, and the remaining S$5 will be the stored value for your rides.

How to top up the Cards?

Topping up the stored value cards is not as easy for tourists as the automated machines only accept Singapore credit or debit cards. The only way is to use cash to top them up in these stations.

You can also top them up at Cheers and 7-Eleven convenience stores.

What is the main difference between the SimplyGO and normal EZ-Link Cards?

SimplyGO is the alternative to contactless bank card (Credit/Debit) or mobile wallets (ApplePay/GooglePay).


EZ-Link Cards are fare cards that need to be topped up at automated machines or manned counters.

In short, if tourists do not have credit/debit or mobile wallets (or choose not to use them), getting the EZ-Link cards is the best alternative without the hassles.

Can I get refund for any money at the end of my trip?

So long you have less than S$80 in the card, you can get an immediate refund from the ticketing offices. Otherwise, the company can only do a deferred refund to a local bank account which is of course not ideal for tourists.

Do note that the cards itself are not refundable BUT they are valid for five (5) years and you can reuse it for your next visit. You can keep it as a souvenir even.

Another way is to just buy drinks and snack from the convenience stores with the EZ-Link card.

Where to get the refunds?

The best way is to visit a manned counter at these locations.


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