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The Crab of the Chili Matter

Since this group is going to visit Singapore i would want to put this up so that everyone will have a happier trip here rather than feeling cheated. Japanese tourist comes to Singapore and ordered a Alaskan King Crab to be cooked Singapore style (think Chili crab, black pepper crab and salted egg crab). They are shocked by the price $938 and they felt that they are being taken for a ride and they called the police.

Here's the report.

One of the points that stood out is this - "While they were ordering their meal, Shinba claimed that one of the waiters strongly recommended one particular type of crab for $30 but he did so "without explaining that they charge per 100 grams"."

This is refuted by the restaurant as they have made attempt to inform the Japanese tourist. As the admin here, a friend of strangers coming to Singapore and as a local I want to say this - "You do not need to pay exorbitantly to enjoy Singapore's iconic dish." Things are pretty expensive in Singapore and dining in a restaurant in an upmarket place such as Clarke Quay it ain't going to be cheap. Save the money to enjoy Singapore other places and food (and try the other crab dishes - black pepper and salted egg).

A typical chili crab dish should cost around $150-200 in a restaurant. Even a simple Sri Lankan crabs will drive the price higher never mind Alaskan King crab. I would think just eating the local crab should be enough to get your food nirvana. The cheapest I have eaten with Danielle Dubois and Anjali Kapur Vohra is only $50+. I think the ladies appreciate the taste without breaking the bank. You do not need to pay expensive crab to enjoy Chili Crab.

If you do want to eat the Singaporean dish at a restaurant such as Paradise or Jumbo, my suggestion is to get the waiter to tabulate the actual cost of the dish as it is calculated by weighing the crab. The Alaskan crab is charged at $30 (with all the taxes included i guess) per 100 GRAM. Yes it is charged as 100 GRAM, not KG.

In short, a 3KG Alaskan crab will cost you S$900. Do get a gross bill calculated for you before committing.

Some of the best Chilli crab is in neighbourhood restaurants. I strongly suggest have food at our heartlands and experience how we locals eat other than hawker centers.

  • Mellben Seafood 232 Ang Mo Kio (you can't get any local than this) Google Map Link

  • KEK Seafood 124 Bukit Merah Lane (go to this if you are staying in or around Sentosa) Google Map Link

  • Roland Restaurant 89 Marine Parade Central (best for visitors on transit as it is quite near to the airport and they are the ones who started the Chili crab craze) Google Map Link

These three are the go-to for Chili crab for locals. There are of course cheaper eats that even a typical simple kopitiam/eat shop such as Rainbow Rice House next to Clarke Quay (very near to Furama, Paradox and Park Royal Pickering) can spice up the crab for you.

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