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The Peranakan Experience with The Intan

WilzWorkz is proud to partner with The Intan to provide photography services at the iconic Intan. The Intan is a unique and renowned private museum in Singapore that provides visitors with a glimpse into Peranakan culture, which is a distinctive blend of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and other Southeast Asian influences. The word "Intan" itself means "rose-cut diamond" in Malay, symbolizing the idea that the museum is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The Intan was founded by Alvin Yapp, a passionate collector and curator of Peranakan artifacts. The museum is not just a repository of items but is also his private residence, adding a personal touch to the entire experience. The museum boasts an extensive and eclectic collection of Peranakan artifacts, antiques, and memorabilia. Peranakan culture is known for its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and a fusion of various cultural elements. The collection at The Intan includes traditional clothing (kebayas and sarongs), jewelry, furniture, porcelain, and other items that showcase the richness of Peranakan heritage. Imagine having a shoot amongst beautiful surroundings, to give you the authentic Nanyang vibes (南洋风). If you are visiting Singapore, this is the place to bring back a unique memory. Price starting from $600. Please contact Alvin at

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