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Triad Trail Tour - Discover the Seedy Side of Historic Singapore

Just the other day I have joined a tour group led by Alvin Chiong who was an Ex-Offender but has turned over a new leaf. If the tour is really about the sleazy part of Singapore, who is better to talk about it than a person who has lived through it? The Triad Trails tour led us through the early immigrants' life, their connection to the triads, experiences as a coolie and their means to get away from it all using opium, are all talked in detail during the tour. Of course I won't share what I have learnt with Alvin because I wanted to give him the chance to connect with you guys and talk about his own story. The Triad Trials is the brain child of Architects of Life @architectsoflife ( ( an organisation that aims to transform damaged lives into extraordinary lives. To book your place in the tour you can click on to: #chinatownSG

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